For Owners
Q: How is maintenance handled? 
A: We also hold a General Contracting license so your repairs will be performed properly and at the lowest cost possible.
We handle all unit move in/move out turnovers in a timely manner.
Q: How do I know I am getting maximum rent? 
A: We will provide a market analysis of current rents.  If any upgrades can be done to increase the rent amount we will advise you of the optional cost.
We market your property on MLS, Craigslist, Zillow and this website. Once an applicant is approved owner will give final authorization on rent and terms, if desired.
Q: How is accounting handled?
A: We provide monthly accounting as well as year end accounting through Yardi Software in the Cloud
Q: How are rents collected?
A: All rents are paid thru Yardi portal and distributed to Owner.
Q: How are tenants screened?
A: We check prospective tenants credit history, employment history, income, criminal record, and previous landlord history.
We practice fair housing.
Q: What types of Rental Housing do you manage?
A: We Manage the following types: We focus on Apartment Complexes 5 Units & Up
Q: Which Areas do you serve?
A: We Currently Manage the following areas: South Bay thru Peninsula including San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Carlos, Santa Cruz
Q: What are your management fees?
A: Contact us for a competitive rate quote
Q:  I want to keep managing my property, can you find me a tenant only?
A: We do not offer this a la carte rental service at this time.  We only lease properties when we also handle day-to-day aspects of the asset.
For Tenants:
Q: How do I apply for the property?
A: We check prospective tenants credit history, employment history, income, criminal record, and previous landlord history.
We practice fair housing.  Application fee is $30 per adult 18 years or older.  Example (2) Adults = $60 application fee.  Apply thru rentcafe.com
Q: How do I get something fixed in the apartment?
A: Use the rentcafe.com app and submit a work order.
Q: What are my move in funds?
A: You will need to pay the first month's rent in full and security deposit.  Your second month rent will be pro-rated.
Q: Is smoking allowed on the property?
A: No smoking is allowed on the properties.
Q: Are Pets allowed on the property?
A: Please inquire as eash property may have a different policy.
Q: When can I move in?
A: As soon as payment is received, the lease is signed and you receive your keys, you are welcome to move in.
Q: When is rent due?
A: Rent is due and payable on the 1st of each month.  After the 3rd, rent is due and payable with a late fee per your lease.  Please autopay your rent early to avoid any late fees.
Q: What utilities are included with the property?
A: Each property is unique, please refer to your lease.
Q: How do I get my security deposit back upon move out?
A: You will be required to return the property back in the same condition you received it or be charged for the restoration costs.   Normal wear and tear is expected.
You will be sent a security deposit disposition within 21 days after your move out.